Monday, February 25, 2008

Limeyrock, Limey rocks

Now Shaurya started it all. How he did it I dunno, but he had this brainwave for a prose counterpart of limericks. He calls the thing limeprose, as in leemay-prose. In the evolutionary scale, changewise, it's still self-replicating amino acid. But the good thing is that Shaurya has not forbade us to assist the thingy in reproducing itself. And here I am, doing unmentionable things with an unevolved idea.

The first thing I'll do to the thing is to rename it: Limeyrock. Sorry Shaurya, but, oh well, why bother. You don't even know that I've done this.

After renaming, I'll offer a sample of a limeyrock, which is not close to limerick at all, just formless prose as I like it. A hint of the Absurd too:

"Way to go", said Diego.
I, "But we don't have to rhyme."
He, "All in good time."
I insist, "But this is prose."
Callous Diego, "Oh, really? How gross!"
However, by then I was thoroughly disgusted
By Diego's vapid carelessness
And, being the creator, decided
To take firmer control of the creative process and made everything prosaic
Except the verse-like form,
Which I kept as a concession to Diego,
Who inspired it all in the first place.

(This a repeat from a private networking site. I kinda like it. It's a nice limeyrock. Just try reciting this in a party after a lil bit of self-deprecating preening and watch how it falls like a rock in the conversation and sinks in it. I know I'm pushing it, but try Vodka lime while doing that.)

Now you try.

PS: Did you guys know Anoushka Shankar writes rather pleasant absurd verses in English? Must be her curly hair.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pornography, or making a blog popular

On the eve of my second blogpost I was wondering how to make my blog popular, because nothing else in the blogworld matters to me. Having people appreciate my prose means nothing to me. So, go away. But, sex, porn, more sex, deviant sex, deviant porn etc etc.

There you have my strategy to make my blog get more eye balls. I'll embed my posts with references to sex and golly it sells. Or better still, write some hate speech, and in India it's really really easy, given the number of holy cows and soft targets. I love eating cows and hate who want to ban cow slaughter. Hah!

Eating cows and having sex with horses in in our religious scriptures. Hah! Hah!

Now tell me who's better: me or Raj Thackeray, eh?

My next post will be on how to reduce exclamatory aspirates in your writing. Not mine. Your writing.