Sunday, April 05, 2009

Feeling special

Do you feel special?

I mean not as in a special child/person, or that somebody has made you (or has been making you, depending on your luck) feel quote special unquote. But special in the sense that you are unique and you have some rights that you don't need to earn because you are, well, special. Do you expect things to happen a certain way (mostly according to your liking), and feel surprised if people are not , at least, mildly pleasant to you all the time? Or that you have a right to come up with the best idea/anecdote/aphorism in the room, or your loved ones will always understand and do to your bidding? Or that if you gamble, you'll win at least once against high oddd just because you are you?

I do. I mean I used to. I understand that perhaps there are tomes written on this feeling. Children have an acknowledged right to feel special, possibly along with Paris Hilton and Shahrukh Khan. These we all know, and perhaps can explain. With children it is like survival of the specieces working subliminally, and slebs are spoilt. And, more plausibly, people start considering themselves special because they have worked hard for it by acting/teaching/having sex on camera/running a country and so on.

But what about people like me? Is it some kind of residual memory of the general approval we get as kids, or is it my minds way of telling me, "Hey you are not a loser, you can live on and expect great things (possibly a nice Chateaubriand Steak) coming your way." To further my trite investigation, I may also put forward the thesis that this is some hormonal ebullience that has made human beings the hardiest and most fecund, in every way, specices ever. That also can be explained, then.

Now, there are ideologies or structures of looking at teh world that may feed this hormonal ebullience by making one feel special; religion comes to my mind, Art is another mood-lifter, and so are sports, power and many other things. My question is: why do peopel without these structures feel special and cheery about being themselves? Or do they?

Perhaps it is the ego thing, which possibly gives you character and guides you the better part of your life. Whatever.

So, to conclude this post, I don't have a point. Possible concluding sentences are:

  1. Tell me if you fee special and if you do what are your expectations from the cosmos in general.
  2. I do not feel special anymore. Not that I am depressed or anything, I miss the feeling, and now I feel a bit bland. Please make me feel special by saying nice things about me.
  3. Or, if you want, tell me if and how you stopped feeling special, and if you thought that it was a part of growing up.

If you write like a certain lady (of amethyst prose and sapphire experiences), please feel free to link to your blog and make yourself feel special. I would feel special too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What the copulation?

ID: I enjoy it these days!

Blog posts: Not there at all.

Twitter: I am on/at/in it. Why?

Dev D: Still pining for a tragic angle. Am I pomophobic?

Anger: Blood boils when somebody suggests social learning, or prudent investments. Why?

Books: Not reading any fiction anymore.

Taste: Easily dismiss everything as banal. Okay, this is laziness.

The Big Idea: Should have had one 3 years ago. Now will do.

Friends: Not in touch with most of them.

People Who Like Me: WTC?