Friday, February 13, 2009

What the copulation?

ID: I enjoy it these days!

Blog posts: Not there at all.

Twitter: I am on/at/in it. Why?

Dev D: Still pining for a tragic angle. Am I pomophobic?

Anger: Blood boils when somebody suggests social learning, or prudent investments. Why?

Books: Not reading any fiction anymore.

Taste: Easily dismiss everything as banal. Okay, this is laziness.

The Big Idea: Should have had one 3 years ago. Now will do.

Friends: Not in touch with most of them.

People Who Like Me: WTC?


Priya said...

Why the copulation does this sound existential?

Shoma said...

This is one thing that's made me smile amidst all else today! :):):) Thank you! :)

It's sad funny ...